Insights into How My Writing Has Evolved

Harley King writing in his journal.


In the early years of my writing career, I focused solely on writing, reading and rewriting haiku. During a seven year period, I published over 125 haiku in more than 25 magazines including Modern Haiku, Dragonfly, and Cicada. (This was prior to the internet when poetry magazines were still published in hard copy.)

Some of my haiku from this time have more than 20 versions. Often I would only change one or two words. The importance of rewriting had been drilled into me in college. …

Country Charm #9

Novel Update

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“Editing your own writing can feel like doing your own brain surgery.…” Tiffany Yates Martin, Intuitive Editing

I am struggling with how best to revise my novel. The method of handwriting a draft that I have used previously on poems and articles does not seem to be working as well on a novel. The elephant seems overwhelming because of the number of chapters and words.

I have found a self-editing software program, AutoCrit, and have started using it to analyze the novel. The program was developed by identifying and profiling successful novels and non-fiction books as the standard.

The program…

May Writing Experience

Turning The Moments of Your Life into Poems

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Fifteen years ago I had robotic surgery to remove my cancerous prostate. After four days in the hospital, I had recovered enough to return home. A week later the surgeon removed the catheter connected to my bladder and so began my battle with incontinence. I had to wear adult diapers at the age of fifty-seven.

My wife, the organizer that she is, came home from grocery shopping a few days later with extra plastic bags that grocery stores fill with groceries and hand to their delighted customers. My wife, in her infinite wisdom, realized that she did not want me…

Harley King

Poet, Novelist, Artist. Follow me on my novel writing journey: Editor: The Torchbearer.

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